• Val Degano, Val Pesarina

  • Sauris - Val Tagliamento, Colline Carniche

  • Ritual fires in Carnia

  • In the mountains of Carnia

  • Bacio delle Croci - Zuglio - Val del But, Val d'Incaroio

  • Carnia Greeters , Preone , Val Tagliamento

  • Val del But, Val d'Incaroio

  • Val Degano, Val Pesarina

  • The "sea" in mountain


Family-style hospitality in the friulian mountains

Bed and Breakfast Friuli Venezia Giulia Carnia

Gemona and the surrounding area

This area is characterized by the presence of some Medieval towns (particularly Gemona and Venzone del Friuli) that show their evident past with their architecture and their traditions. Venzone is recommended as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Gemona and the surrounding area, full of brooks and moist environments, is part of the Eco-museum of water. The beauty and the different classes of the natural environment make this area perfect for doing sports and open-air activities, also because of the near Cavazzo Lake.

Our structures
Le strade di Venzone Campanile Venzone Una strada di Venzone