• Val del But, Val d'Incaroio

  • Val Degano, Val Pesarina

  • In the mountains of Carnia

  • Carnia Greeters , Preone , Val Tagliamento

  • Ritual fires in Carnia

  • The "sea" in mountain

  • Bacio delle Croci - Zuglio - Val del But, Val d'Incaroio

  • Sauris - Val Tagliamento, Colline Carniche

  • Val Degano, Val Pesarina


Family-style hospitality in the friulian mountains

Bed and Breakfast Friuli Venezia Giulia Carnia

Family Alps Card

The Family Alps Card, firstly known as Carnia Holidays Card, is free given to our Family Alps guests and gives you the chance to have special discounts in all the structures that are established by convention such as restaurants, crafts stores and supermarkets.


At maximum it lasts 30 days and it's efficient only if a Family Alps structure has filled out it. To have the discount, the guest has to show it in the structure to which he was addressed, before asking the bill.

Family Alps Card

Affiliated structures: search by type or location

Full list of conventions

Ristoranti e trattorie

Albergo ai 7 nani

Via Prato, 30 - PRATO CARNICO

Tel. 043369013


Prodotti tipici

Terrae Doc

Via Cavour, 10 - TOLMEZZO

Tel. 04332322


Ski Academy Zoncolan

Via Roma, 9 - SUTRIO

Tel. 3661014526


Ristoranti e trattorie

Trattoria Alle trote

Via Peschiera - SUTRIO

Tel. 0433778329

Prodotti tipici


Sauris di Sotto, 88 - SAURIS

Tel. 043386054



Morassi Sport

Via L. De Infanti, 5/A - RAVASCLETTO

Tel. 043366292


Ristoranti e trattorie

Antica osteria Valle

Via Marchi, 13/15 - TOLMEZZO

Tel. 0433468750

Prodotti tipici

Spaccio Latteria

Via Linussi, 2 - TOLMEZZO

Tel. 3409846262


Farmacia Velardita

Via Edelweiss, 7 - RAVASCLETTO

Tel. 043366367


Acconciature Monica

Via S. Spirito, 10 - RAVASCLETTO

Tel. 3382495062

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