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Clâf di Violin | Guest House

VIA G. Peresson , 48 - Piano d' Arta 33022 ARTA TERME (UD)

+393384506593 / +39 3495605425



The apartment is located on the ground floor of a historical interest building. On the first floor of this building has lived until his disappearance, the Master Giuseppe Peresson, a prominent famous man in Carnia music sector. A commemorative plaque is placed on the front wall of the building in memory of the Master Peresson. The lodging-house “Claf di Violin” owes its name to the old occupant of those rooms, a rather appreciated lutist and local poet. This denomination has been chosen to pay homage to various faces of music.

Completely restored to the beginning of 2017, the apartment s supplied of an independent income to the ground floor, easily accessible with pushchairs or baby carriages, and of a direct view on the private garden of the owners, whose live upstairs, from here you can see the Valley of But and in summertime you can sit down in the shade of the small canopy to read a book or to enjoy the panorama of the surrounding Carnic Mountains, looking at the Mount Amariana overlooking the whole valley.

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If previously arranged with the owners, it’s possible to have breakfast and newspapers. During the summer, bicycles can be rented for nearby excursions, while on wintertime you can have the availability of a non-exclusive room to use like ski equipment storage.

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